Becoming a shareholder

How the shares may be held

There are alternative methods by which you can become a EUROAPI shareholder:

  • You can buy EUROAPI shares through a bank or broker who will act as custodian of your securities account (Your shares will be held in managed registered form or bearer form).
  • You can buy shares through UPTEVIA, which manages EUROAPI’s shareholding services (You have the option of holding your shares in fully registered form).
  • Please refer to the section below for further information.


As French legislation and EUROAPI’s by-laws currently stand, the main rights attached to EUROAPI’s shares are as follows:

  • dividend and profit-sharing rights of EUROAPI (in case is the shareholders’ general meeting decides to distribute dividends)
  • right to participate in shareholders’ general meetings, it being specified that the double voting right provided in Article L. 22-10-46 of the French Commercial Code is expressly eliminated by the by-laws of the Company
  • preferential subscription right for securities of the same category (subject to such right not being waived by the shareholders’ general meeting)
  • right to participate in any surplus in the event of liquidation.

As a shareholder of EUROAPI, you become the owner of a portion of its capital.

As a co-owner of the company, the shareholder is associated with its development, but also with its risks. However, shareholders bear losses only in the amount of their contributions.


Bearer shares

Bearer shares are held in a share account with a bank or broker of your choice. You can therefore group all the shares in your portfolio in the same account. This account records all transactions related to shares (purchases, sales, secondment of rights).

If you wish to hold bearer shares, you may contact your broker who will help you to acquire EUROAPI’s share.

However, you are only identified by the company on an ad hoc basis (in bearer share surveys conducted by Euroclear France) and therefore you do not receive notices of Shareholders’ General Meetings.


Fully registered shares

EUROAPI has appointed UPTEVIA as agent to manage its fully registered shares:


90 - 110 Esplanade du Général de Gaulle

92931 Paris la Défense Cedex, France

You are identified by EUROAPI and will therefore receive the notices of Shareholders’ General Meetings.

You benefit from free custody fees.

To become a fully registered shareholder, simply ask your broker to transfer your shares to UPTEVIA. The cost of this operation is defined by your broker.


Managed registered shares

If your shares are in managed registered form, they are held in a securities account with the financial intermediary of your choice. They are recorded in EUROAPI’s records. You have a single securities account for your entire share portfolio, but you do not benefit from free custody rights.

You are identified by EUROAPI and will therefore receive the notices of Shareholders’ General Meetings.