CDMO Services

Microbial Fermentation

Custom active ingredients, at your service. EUROAPI is a global provider of high-quality custom microbial process development and manufacturing for pharmaceutical companies of all kinds.


From proteins and enzymes to yeasts and actinomycetes, our expertise spans a wide range of GMO and non-GMO microorganisms procured in our 6,000 m³ of fermentation capacity in France and Italy. And we constantly meet all rigorous pharmaceutical, environmental, health and safety standards.

Leading the fermentation transformation

Two joint R&D and production sites in Elbeuf, France, and Brindisi, Italy comprise our end-to-end expertise in small molecule production, ranging from strain engineering to commercial-scale manufacturing. 

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  • ~50


    Served globally

  • ~250


    Delivered across 27 countries

  • ~10


    From development to market, including Vitamin B12 and Rifampicin

Research & Development

State-of-the-art labs and a 10 m³ pilot plant combine to drive our proactive, early-stage development agenda. Our special facilities include a dedicated proteins and enzymes unit and a Center of Excellence developing high-yield antibiotic strains.

Both of our fermentation manufacturing sites enjoy long-standing, successful regulatory track records and operate under cGMP regulations and FDA approval. 


  • Automated lab fermenters and disposable cell containers of up to 40L

  • Off-gas in-line analysis

  • Standardized data control system

  • Analytical equipment including HPLC, UPLC, SEC, GC, various MS detectors and physico-chemical TNA methods for nitrosamines

  • DSP equipment including microfiltration, nanofiltration, automated chemical reactors, tangential flow filtration and a Kühni column for liquid extraction

  • Organic-phase hemi-synthesis chemistry 


Our robust upstream (USP) and downstream (DSP) processing capabilities have been designed to support the entire life cycle of your projects, from strain optimization to process development and scale-up.

  • 20+ multipurpose fermenters with a total capacity 2,000+ m³
  • Pilot and industrial-scale fermentation from 1 m³ - 120 m³
  • Recovery purification and hemi-synthesis in batch and continuous modes, including a broad range of industrial technologies for downstream and purification processes
  • Membrane filtration technologies including Resin Adsorption Chromatography
  • Liquid-liquid extraction, solvent swap, crystallization and drying
  • Particle size control, plus various dryer types, depending on product needs
  • Seven classified areas for packaging intermediates and final APIs
  • Production of APIs for sterile applications
  • Wastewater treatment stations and solvent recovery units (80-99.5% recovery)