Environmental, Social and Governance

« We believe that the success of our company lies in its capacity to adapt to tomorrow’s challenges.

Our responsibility as a company is to provide sustainability and resilience to the pharmaceutical value chain. »


A collaborative approach

Building a unique ESG strategy requires diverse inputs. So, we opened a dialogue with more than 1,200 internal and external stakeholders in 30 countries through a survey.

Employees, clients, suppliers, investors, non-profits and others were called upon to share what they expect from an innovative, sustainable industry leader. Their insight was invaluable and gave us a well-rounded foundation for shaping our key commitments.

The findings of our global survey helped to define our ESG priorities. The resounding takeaway was that expectations are at an all-time high. We look forward to rising to the occasion. We’ve identified a range of priorities, which align along 4 commitments.

EUROAPI, a new group with a new CSR strategy

The company believes that sustainable growth and performance go hand in hand with the deployment of an ambitious Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) strategy embedded in its vision and mission.

ESG is about integrating stakeholder expectations into the company’s strategy, which facilitates identifying growth opportunities and positioning ourselves competitively, and improve risk management.

EUROAPI’s ESG strategy supports its business purpose, and is aligned with its vision, strategy, and culture.

Building on its experience as part of Sanofi group, the company has marked the start of a fresh ESG strategy, specific to its core business and geographic footprint in 2021.

As a key player in the pharmaceutical value chain, EUROAPI's business activities impact a wide array of stakeholders. After setting out its business model, vision and mission, and identifying its stakeholders globally and at site level, it conducted a materiality analysis by consulting broadly with stakeholders. The materiality matrix then enabled the company to identify and prioritize expectations. 

EUROAPI’s ESG strategy combines the results of its materiality and risk analysis, and its dialogue with the Group’s executives and representatives from the business lines and support functions. 

EUROAPI places non-financial performance at the heart of its development strategy and its corporate culture.

EUROAPI’s ESG strategy is aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). More specifically, drawing on the company’s added value and its business model, it contributes to five of the key SDGs.

EUROAPI has developed a robust ESG organization and governance arrangements, and, in line with its ESG reporting framework, its performance will be reported on each year in its Statement of Non-financial Performance that will be audited by an independent third party.

Download our ESG report and learn about our CSR strategy.

This sustainability report features EUROAPI’s business model and outlines our strategy and governance.

Our four commitments

Our stakeholders

ESG is about taking our stakeholders expectations into our strategy. Who are they?

Developing a differentiating ESG strategy requires a wide range of contributors. 
Therefore, in 2021, we opened a dialogue with over 1,200 internal and external stakeholders through a survey covering 30 countries. 
The responses to this survey have helped us define our main commitments.

Materiality matrix

What are our stakeholders' most material expectations?

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