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In recent years, Lipids Nanoparticles (LNPs) have been shown to be effective delivery vehicles for mRNA and therapeutic nucleic acids.


Together with cholesterol and other lipids, cationic lipids are one of the key components of LNPs.

Leveraging its strong chemical expertise and its best-in-class infrastructure, EUROAPI is a reliable partner for cationic lipids development and manufacturing. 


In order to match the increasing market demand for LNPs, EUROAPI can develop and industrialize cationic lipid processes and offer related GMP commercial manufacturing services.

EUROAPI can support your custom development and production of lipids for targeted RNA and drug delivery

EUROAPI can rely on its Budapest and Frankfurt Development, Pilot and Manufacturing sites to support your complex chemistry development projects.

Our Center of Excellence is based in Budapest with a dedicated and experienced team of scientists.

Watch the following video and make a tour through our Budapest R&D facilities - from chemistry laboratories to the pilot plant – to learn how the R&D team in Budapest manages contract development and manufacturing projects:

Euroapi CDMO activities at Budapest

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We can work on a wide portfolio of experimental cationic lipids from pre-clinical to phase 3. 

Our offer includes a high level of services combined with state-of-the-art technology:

  • The services EUROAPI can provide to meet customers’ requirements:

                 - Route scouting

                 - Process development, engineering & safety for scale-up

                 - GMP pilot

                 - Scale up

                 - Full analytical support

  • The company is equipped with large-scale chromatography purification equipment on its Budapest and Frankfurt sites that complies with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices), allowing it to produce superior quality lipids.

Our successful custom lipids projects

EUROAPI has an excellent track record of lipids development and GMP production.

As an illustration, EUROAPI has supported Sanofi’s mRNA vaccine platform with the development of lipid nanoparticles.
Read more about this collaboration

For this project, EUROAPI has been selected for:

  • its idea generation & route scouting services;
  • its strong reactivity and flexibility;
  • its expertise in process development and scale up of complex chemistry projects;
  • its specific technologies needed for LNPs including Chromatography, Charged Aerosol Detector, analytical mass spectrometry and spray drying.

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