CDMO Services


EUROAPI is a leading global supplier of prostaglandines which are naturally produced versatile biochemicals responsible for fine-tuning a wide range of bodily reactions.


With more than 15 prostaglandine APIs in our portfolio, numerous patented processes, and over 100 clients worldwide, we deliver robust R&D and fully integrated cGMP-compliant manufacturing from a continuous improvement perspective.

  • 100+


  • 200+

    different technologies

  • 500+ kg

    APIs per year manufactured

  • ~600

    batches manufactured using 200+ different technologies

Research & development

With half a century of experience in chemical R&D, EUROAPI is at the forefront of prostaglandine production technologies. Our expertise is focused on experimental synthesis and scale, together with chemical and analytics development utilizing:

  • Hydrogenators
  • Automated reactors for process screening & optimization (EasyMax, Atlas, ORB)
  • Gravimetric & preparative chromatography (CombiFlash, prep HPLC - UV detector)
  • HPLC, GC & GC-MS for reaction follow-up
  • Drying cabinets
  • Prostaglandine Analytics
  • A Process Safety & Control Laboratory


We supply a broad range of natural and modified prostaglandine APIs through integrated and robust manufacturing capabilities in four dedicated facilities. Our suite of services offers our clients short lead times and contract flexibility by using custom synthesis, exclusive agreements, and capacity contracts. In addition to process development and scale-up support, our quality control and assurance department ensures that we meet the highest quality standards.  

  • Small- and large-scale production plants and dedicated final processing areas
  • Cryogenic reactions (– 80°C)
  • Industrial-scale column chromatography
  • Industrial-size Rotavapors
  • Reactors
  • Extractors
  • Centrifuges
  • Tray dryers
  • Preparative HPLC